Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meeting Policies

Top Takeaways from the Feb. 24 Meeting Management Networking Group meeting:
  • Charging Non-Members More for Events, Can't Exceed the Cost of Membership - “Non-members may be charged more than members are charged for services to take into account that nonmembers pay no dues. Nonmember charges should be reasonably related to the extent to which dues income or other resources support or subsidize the services being sought (it has never been made clear whether a nonprofit can include in its calculation the value of volunteer time and expertise in calculating fair supplemental charge for nonmember access to competitively valuable membership services.) Nonmember charges for services should not be set so high as to deliberately compel joining the organization. This, it could be argued, might violate the principle of availability of competitively valuable membership services to nonmembers.” - Jacobs, Jerald. Association Law Handbook: A Practical Guide for Associations, Societies, and Charities, 4th Edition. Washington, DC: ASAE, 2007.
  • If you don't already, have a weather policy
  • Check all locations for policies and make sure they are consistent
To see member cancellation/registration and weather policies, click here (you'll need to sign in on MSAE's website to view the policies).

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