Monday, October 21, 2013

Communications 2-for-1: Digital Strategy & Best Reads

MSAE's Communications Networking Group had a 2-for-1 meeting where we discussed Digital Strategy and Best Reads for communication professionals. Here are some highlights from our meeting.

Part 1: Digital Strategy
What is your digital strategy? How do you create one? 

Creating a digital strategy for non-profits is a four-step process:
1. Identify & Goal Set
2. Planning & Creation
3. Implement & Execute
4. Measure & Analysis

Here is a helpful document on creating a digital strategy for non-profits - 

Components of digital strategy are: online ads, web, social media, mobile, email, sear and a possible seven and eight are online communities and mapping. Each item will hold a different weight in your organization. Its up to you to decided what is most important.

Part 2: Best Reads for Communication Professionals
Everyone has their favorite books, magazines, feeds and newsletters they subscribe to. Here is a list of some top resources:

3. Business Insider
4. Fast Co.
5. Twin Cities Business
6. Mashable
7. Yahoo
8. Google
9. Business Journal Daily
10. Other industry resources

Books to keep in mind:

1. The World is Flat
2. The Myth of Multi-Tasking

What resources do you use?  Do tell.

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